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In-House Products

In our In-House Products, you'll find the innovative solutions we have developed for the broader market. These products are designed to address common challenges and enhance productivity for businesses and individuals worldwide. Each product reflects our dedication to quality, functionality, and creativity, offering valuable solutions that can be adopted by various users to streamline their operations and improve their efficiency.


  • It’s a mobile app that helps users, including NRIs, teenagers, senior citizens without their own bank accounts, pay their bills digitally by requesting money from friends and family. Friends and family who are the payer, utilizing any UPI app like GPay, PhonePe, or Paytm, completes the transaction outside of SakhaPay. Verification is then done by attaching a screenshot, ensuring convenient transactions.


  • This web app enables Shopify store owners to list their products on various platforms like Squarespace and WooCommerce while centrally tracking orders. It helps shopify merchants in Increase Sales, Save Time and Effort & Improve Efficiency.
  • It helps shopify merchants in Increase Sales, Save Time and Effort & Improve Efficiency.


  • This app is for usiness owner looking to streamline their inventory management while boosting sales and growing their business.
  • Key features are,
      Simplify inventory tracking.
    • Seamlessly integrate sales data.
    • Generate insightful reports for smarter decision-making.
    • Designed for non-tech-savvy users


  • Powered by advanced AI technology, our platform simplifies the process of crafting personalized job application documents.
  • Key Features,
      Professional Resume Creation
    • Compelling Cover Letters
    • User-Friendly Interface
    • Time-Efficient
    • AI-Powered Insights


  • Emp Track is a powerful app designed for employers who need to monitor their employees' movements during field work. Whether you want to enhance productivity or ensure the safety of your workforce, Emp Track offers a comprehensive solution to meet your needs.
  • Key Features
      Real-Time Location Tracking
    • Safety Alerts
    • Geofencing
    • User-Friendly Interface
    • Privacy Controls


  • The purpose of this POC is to explore the feasibility of developing a simple self-assessment application to streamline and simplify the organization's appraisal process. The goal is to enhance user experience and efficiency in performance evaluations.
  • Key Features
      Lightweight appraisal process
    • Enhanced user experience
    • Easy to adopt