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Our Client Projects showcases the diverse range of projects we have successfully delivered for startups and enterprises alike. Each project highlights our commitment to providing innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether it's developing a cutting-edge application or implementing a robust system, we take pride in our ability to drive value and results for our clients across various industries


  • Trusted by the film and television industries since 2004, PacPost is a multifunctional video streaming and video conferencing app that allows users to collaborate on video streams in real time.
  • With high-grade security, file sharing, and annotation tools,PacPost is your go-to partner for your post-production needs.

Trinity Payments

  • Trinity work to provide a range of sound, safe, and reliable payment solutions to simplify customers’ payment experience
  • https://trinitypaysol.com/


  • Points based Loyalty Marketing Company. Prodege acquired MyPoints in 2016.
  • Supporting Loyalty Platform Integrated MyPoints and Swagbucks Loyalty backend platforms to support multiple brands


  • Points based Loyalty Marketing Company
  • Supporting MyPoints Loyalty platform


  • GearLaunch offers the largest catalogue of Print on Demand (PoD) products, dependable fulfillment, industry-leading customer service for your customers, and more.
  • Selling Print on Demand products with GearLaunch means you can start your new business or side hustle with no inventory investment, less risk, and a clearer path toward success.


  • Our Athlete Data Management Project leverages advanced database technologies to enhance athlete performance tracking and analysis.
    • Data Collection: We gather athletics data from various databases and API servers, centralizing it in a robust PostgreSQL database.
    • User Records: Utilizing the centralized PostgreSQL DB, we generate user records for athletes who lack accounts in other device-related databases.
    • Current Integration: Our system seamlessly integrates and processes data from Global Speed, Skills Lab, and VALD devices, currently running in production.


  • This project streamlines data collection and transformation, creating robust data marts for analytics.
    • Data Collection: Extract data from various sources and apply dimensional data modeling techniques.
    • Asynchronous Processing: Handle asynchronous tasks efficiently.


  • We are also engaged in multiple WordPress projects, demonstrating our versatility and expertise in web development
  • Green-flower :
    • Created platform for the world’s most comprehensive, on-demand training platform, built specifically for cannabis professionals.
    • By using wordpress, so far created 58 websites for schools and colleges to promote available cannabis programs.
  • RetireRadar :
    • Built a WordPress website for conducting surveys and generating analytics based on survey responses.
  • KidsWonderland :
    • Migrated the website from Reflection360 to the WordPress platform for improved performance and manageability.


  • Cash based Loyalty Marketing Company. Prodege Acquired ShopAtHome in 2017.
  • Supporting Loyalty Platform and frontend mobile and browser extension applications


  • Its a group Purchasing App
  • This is an early-stage startup company based in Los Angeles.
  • ISPL helped them developing MVP for social group purchasing mobile applications.


  • This is a dietitian App for reviewing meals.
  • its an early-stage startup company where we helped them revamp their Parse Backend and iOS mobile applications.


  • This is an early-stage startup company based in San Francisco.
  • We developed MVP for processing anonymous tips for the service


  • Its an automobile LeadGen early-stage startup company based in San Francisco.
  • We are developing an Automobile Lead Generation platform.
  • We have built a frontend web application with responsive design.